ilili restaurant NYC Valentine’s Dinner Pictures

We do love celebrations at ilili, and none more so than one of love! Valentine’s dinner (over 4 nights) was an opportunity to really get creative with Valentine’s tastes and colors. Here’s a little taste of the contemporary Lebanese/Mediterranean feast awaiting diners tonight! It’s our very first event since being voted New York’s number one Mediterranean restaurant. Check out our website for our Lunch, Brunch, Dinner prix fixe menus. 

Chilled Poached Scallop (Barberry, Blue Rose Petals, Maldon)

Fassoulia Puree w/Basterma (white beans cooked w/bay leaves, miroux poix, served with basterma) 

Harissa Shrimp (harissa butter, garlic whip, mahleb, cherry tomato, toasted almond)