Winter Restaurant Week 2012 MENU

Sample our most popular cocktails this Winter Restaurant Week 2012


Jan 16th - 20th From Beirut with Passion

Jan 23rd - 30th Fresh Meadow

Jan 30th - 3rd  Beirut Sunburn

Feb 6th - 10th Phoenician Lemonade






chickpea puree / lebanese tahini / lemon / olive oil


walnuts / sundried peppers / pomegranate molasses

Lebanese Thyme Salad

herbs / arugula / parsley / onion / lemon / green olive


green lentil puree w/ crispy red onion

Arnabeet Mekle

cauliflower / red finger chili

mint / labne tahini


fava bean dumpling / tahini

Watercress Salad

yogurt cheese crumble / walnuts / grapes / red onion


eggplant ratatouille

Kebab Kerez

lamb & beef meatball / cherry sauce / kataifi

Chicken Livers

pomegranate / lemon / butter


Semolina Gnocchi

yogurt / pine nut / orange zest / blossom

Chicken Shish Taouk

crispy chicken skin / garlic whip / sumac onions

Roast Lamb leg

citrus / beets / mint / walnut / labne


Lebanese Ice Cream

milk / pistachio/ apricot / chocolate


traditional lebanese clotted cream

w/ orange blossom simple syrup / strawberry

ilili Candy Bar

chocolate kataifi crunch / chocolate ganache

pistachio and fig caramel / warm chocolate sauce

Labne Cheese Cake

cherry / hibiscus / rose berry

NYC’s Best Hummus Competition at the Peace Market April 7th


Always wanted to know who makes NYC’s best hummus? If you’ve eaten at ilili then you already know! Otherwise, come join us at the Peace Market this April 7th from 6:30 - 11pm at Pacha. Macy Gray will perform, there’ll be an open bar and DJs, what are you waiting for? Book now! Sponsored by Seeds of Peace. 

ilili restaurant’s Philippe Massoud breaks down his tumultuous love affair with Sea Urchin in this month’s Saveur. ilili is New York City’s (and possibly the world’s!) most contemporary Lebanese restaurant. Famed for their progressive take on Lebanese favorites: Duck Shawarma, Deconstructed Koussa and Angel Hair Fatteh, Knafe Bil Jibneh, and many other Mediterranean inspired dishes. 

"Pitching contemporary Lebanese food (via the Med & Japan) to a public weened on store bought hummus has been an uphill battle at times. As Josh (Ozersky) noted in this month’s TIME Magazine, Lebanese cuisine is on the cusp of breaking free from the shackles of the public’s exposure to wildly misrepresentative deli offerings. Call it progress, globalization, or the dawning of the age of Aquarius; we’re just here to show New Yorkers what they’ve been missing." Executive chef Philippe Massoud.  

We’ve been referred to as a vegetarian and vegan paradise; and after trying our famed (Zagat) Brussels Sprouts, you’ll understand why! We serve up a number of vegetarian and vegan items including hummus; falafel; delicious “pillowy” pita bread and olives; Phoenician Fries; baba ghannough; fattoush; stuffed grape leaves, and others, in addition to New York City’s best Brussels Sprouts!